Without attention on your inner health and wellness, all other aspects of your life are compromised.

This is why Veronika founded Vessence, to help you on your journey to optimal health and wellness.

"Health and wellness has been a core value of mine for a very long time. Vessence grew out my interest to share fascinating experiences and advice I come across with my friends, clients and the wider community. I've had my own challenges, and recognise that each of us is a work in progress, each on our own unique journey, searching for solutions that resonate with us best."

- Veronika Andersson

Veronika Andersson, the wellness accountant, has been working in accounting public practices for over 20 years. She founded Vavee in 2012, which is now a successful accounting practice.

She has often found that the stumbling blocks most people face are internal, that then express themselves externally, often in chaotic or unhelpful ways. This is why Veronika has always focused on personal wellness first. In order to help others focus on wellness, Veronika founded Vessence in 2018, as a portal to share living wisdom and life experiences. Her creative vision for Vessence includes online access to the incredible living essential oils, support from a wellness accountant, and as a source of wisdom on wellness and vitality.

Keep in touch with Vessence for monthly specials on the site, meeting and training opportunities, as well as education videos and reference materials.

Get to know Veronika!

What’s the best part about living in the hills?

The community spirit. I spent my childhood travelling in a caravan and went to 13 schools in my first seven years. Yes, it was an adventure, but never feeling like you have a home was a challenge. After many years of experimenting, I have finally found my home. Community is one of my most important values that enables me, and the people here have a strong community spirit.

How do you like to relax?

Walking around the beautiful bushlands and waterfalls around my home.

How do you like to have fun?

Mostly by being silly with my friends!

Do you have a connection to animals?

My father had an incredible empathy with animals and was able to calm any angry or scared furry friend. I don’t have quite that skill but love the company of animals and appreciate their beauty, strength and individual personalities as they learn to trust.